Cleaning Tarps

When you’ve been camping in a muddy field, the tarp underneath your tent is likely to be muddy on one side. To clean your tarp the way David Mott would, you will need the following:

  1. two friends
  2. One grassy patch at least four times the size of your tarp.

Begin by dragging the tarp to the edge of the grassy patch, with the muddy side lying on the grass.

Grasp a corner of the tarp and ask one friend to grasp a second corner of the tarp.

Ask the second friend to lie sideways on the tarp, as close to where you are holding it as possible.

Begin dragging the tarp across the grass. As you go, have the friend lying on the tarp roll slowly away from you. This will apply pressure to different areas of the tarp, spreading the cleaning effect across the entire surface.

When dragging, watch out for muddy spots in the grass. Unless you enjoy pulling your friend around the field, in which case a quick jaunt through a muddy spot can require you to begin the entire process over again.

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